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A Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) adds value and security to a production by ensuring the data and the video signal and picture is exactly how it should be. Each production is different and takes a specific workflow to make all the departments and technologies work seamlessly and allow the crew to make better creative and technical decisions. Contact me to learn how I can make your next production a success.

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DIT Atlanta

Nick Theriot - DIT, Editor & Colorist


I’ve been in the industry since 2015 and have multiple and have the education and experience needed to provide a custom and seamless experience, from preproduction to postproduction. Data management, verification, storage and archiving are my primary concerns. I provide live color grading, on-set editing, project organization, dailies, camera support as well as IT support.

Where I Work

I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest- wherever I am needed. Highly mobile, ready at a moment’s notice to assist on your project. Passport ready and experienced working abroad.


Supporting the DP and the Camera Department is my job. Experienced with RED, Arri, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic even older analog camera systems. My IT skills and custom hardware allow me to achieve maximum potential during stressful and time-crunched shoots.

Postproduction Begins In Preproduction

With over a decade of experience in postproduction and production environments, I seamlessly connect and integrate post with the early stages of production to establish a solid workflow, avoiding costly issues down the line. I connect with and listen to Postproduction Producers, Editors, and Colorists and the entire production team and above-the-line personnel.

Kit and Tech

From large multi-camera shoots to run and gun data management, I have custom configured carts and setups paired with MacPros and MacBook Pros to do the heavy lifting. Able to provide wireless video transmitters and receivers, RAID storage, LUT boxes, video scopes, calibrated monitors and even camera media.

About Me

My background as a DP and still photographer have helped me gain expertise with digital media and extensive DIT work. Comprehensive IT knowledge and strong technical skills on set when workflows get complicated and inevitable issues arise.

Safeguard Your Digital Assets

Everyone on set is a rockstar, but the biggest and most dangerous process in the production pipeline occurs when data is transferred and verified from source cards to multiple storage mediums, on and off set. If that isn’t done competently and efficiently, then all the effort, money, and time spent shooting that material are lost. Can the production afford not to have a DIT on set to ensure your digital data is copied, archived, and disseminated to postproduction and producers with industry-standard redundancy procedures.

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